The Shenzhen Speakers Factory – Shenzhen Video

The Shenzhen Speakers Factory

Is this my best video yet? This is a same factory that is soon going to switch to assembling MediaTek MT6575 Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones. I hereby offer you an exclusive look inside the assembly line, see the people that build your speakers in Shenzhen China.

21 Responses to “The Shenzhen Speakers Factory – Shenzhen Video”

  1. MrFlashChaser says:

    I work in a local chemical factory. It’s terrible and shit pay, but because I live in a first world country no one sheds a tear.

  2. alansmz says:

    You should pay a visit to some GM assembly line & get a reaction from their factory floor worker.

  3. ThePiekartz says:

    @MrFlashChaser I do.

  4. MrFlashChaser says:

    Does anyone look happy at their job?

  5. Charbax says:

    That’s me.

  6. vo7tage says:

    who’s the person behind the camera “lol your job”

  7. enmityPC says:

    are the desks staggered so they cant talk to each other?

  8. dumbimperialism says:

    Brave New World…

  9. ThePiekartz says:

    They don’t look too happy tbh.

  10. Protzosch says:

    7:00 Chinese Modern Talking

  11. SlicedBeefNWotNot says:


  12. Robert Deloyd says:

    it looked to me that the woman with the broom wasn’t too happy you were there 🙂

  13. AVKtt says:

    Lazy relaxed nirvana workers)

  14. XareSoft says:


  15. MoldytoasterMedia says:

    the speakers? or the workers?

  16. MegaMobileTeam says:


  17. XareSoft says:

    40% of them are broken

  18. solopolo says:

    i love that music!

  19. TheWhiteout60 says:

    The reverse argument would be that is far above standards in China

  20. TheWhiteout60 says:

    Charbax, its videos like this man that keep me coming.

  21. CjDrgn says:

    $1.78 an hour for a Foxconn employee. I wonder how much these guys get paid?


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