Elevator beheads woman in Shenzhen, China – Shenzhen Video

A woman was riding an elevator in Shenzhen on May 15, 2013 when she got pinched between the doors. And then, the unthinkable… http://beijingcream.com/2013/…
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24 Responses to “Elevator beheads woman in Shenzhen, China – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Rodrigo Bull says:

    Shin Shen Shura!! Shin Shen Shura!!

  2. Ciske Mangindaan says:


  3. FnD4212 says:

    What do you know what Allah do to her? Are you Allah? He has power over of all thing. He have mercy to anyone whoever He likes. And He damn anyone whoever He likes. He doesn’t empowered by you. Do you know what her destiny she going before you even see it? Don’t judge before you see it. Even the most pious one doesn’t stand a chance if He wish to.

  4. KingSullification says:

    God is a lie, all hail Lord Xenu!

  5. GAR A says:

    dabg people don’t even care it i like nothing

  6. Celebhol says:

    She is not dead, she is in hell for not believing but she will be with Allah when her crimes are paid.

  7. Celebhol says:


  8. Celebhol says:

    You are not beyond help. I refuse to think you actually believe what you said.

  9. TheAdder36 says:

    Do a chant and resurrect her from the dead.

  10. Bandtx says:

    acted so casual? please tell me what they are suppose to do

  11. juventus brizuela says:


  12. stabnshoot says:

    Yeah that’s about the most retarded explanation there is.

    You honestly believe that God should be a protective entity that should defeat all harm.

    I honestly feel bad for your future children if you ever have any, because you will shelter them from reality and they’ll be kicked in the ass by life when you’re not around.

  13. Dale Gary says:

    I know, it is pointless.

  14. Dale Gary says:

    You know how it is a parents resposibility to watch over and take care of a child? God is equivalent of the deadbeat dad.

    God allowed it to happen just as God allowed evil to not only exist but act freely.

  15. Dale Gary says:

    No. I don t worship or pray to imagenry idols.

  16. Ruairoquai says:

    I hate when people say this shit. “it makes you realize the true harshness of life” and the likes. You don’t have to watch these videos to realize how easy any of us can die.

    The real reason people like you watch these videos? You’re sick fucks. Simple as that.

  17. lulzalot says:

    This was an innocent person you cretin.

  18. TheAdder36 says:

    The people acted so casual to this, I’m so glad I live somewhere with basic morals holy fk

  19. gp4wce says:


  20. prototyp4 says:

    Made in China .. What goes Around comes Around

  21. legendhidde says:

    Fucking idiot.

  22. sanosuke0929 says:


  23. sanosuke0929 says:


  24. Th3OmegaPoint says:

    Horrific. Poor girl :(


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