Overview of the latest/best 7″ Tablets out of Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video

Here’s my overview video showing some of the latest best value 7″ Android tablets that I have found in Shenzhen on this trip. At least the samples that I was…
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23 Responses to “Overview of the latest/best 7″ Tablets out of Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Peregar4ik says:

    I want that one with IPS screen! Where can i buy it? What is the model?
    Thank you! Subscribed

  2. Charbax says:

    You can find some contacts for the sellers in Shenzhen under each video of
    these tablets on my website. Let me know if you need any additional member

  3. Jenin Jose says:

    Hi , I am looking for 3000 pcs of 9.7″ tablets. Price should be less than $
    100 . Can you advice me which one is best? my email id jenin.jose@yahoo.com

  4. Peregar4ik says:

    p.s. where can i get that tablet with IPS screen? looks good) cheers

  5. Charbax says:

    Yup I’ll do that, please check back.

  6. 3615 Usul says:

    this apartment is in China or USA ?

  7. Nadir Berrada says:

    Which would you recommend getting, as in the best quality? Also, do you
    know where we can find those prices online?? Thanks !

  8. Charbax says:

    Yup same.

  9. Wekkel Ekkel says:

    I like these kinds of generl updat video’s but please make sure the devices
    are charged.

  10. DrumSticks says:

    whats the model for the 40 dollars tablet?

  11. Fulgore Elite says:

    Charbax you look like gadget maniac geek :)) in a epic way XD subscribed

  12. richie178 says:

    want to c the surface clone pls

  13. dekay84 says:

    Dear Charbax! 🙂 i have just joined the members store if not only to
    support you for all the content you have provided me for the past year and
    half on your Ubber channel! your videos are always interesting! thanks!

  14. Antonín Lamač says:

    Hi, you have list with tablets names? Thx 🙂

  15. sasa7983 says:

    In china ni YouTube allows

  16. Jayar Flores says:


  17. Peregar4ik says:

    Do you really buy all these tablets? what for?)

  18. MrSoundOFlove says:

    I love u I do not why but I love u

  19. Jonadab Debe says:

    how do i buy this tablet if i want to the one for $81.00?

  20. Zach Steffy says:

    I love this tablet!!!

  21. Amar Makhdoom says:

    Great… is the Rk3066 model the same that you showed earlier from SIGO.

  22. Charbax says:

    Lots and lots of sites. Can’t guarantee you’ll find them at same $40 and
    $80 prices though. Try searching online stores for Allwinner A13 (7″
    800×480 capacitive) and NuFront NS115 (7″ IPS 1024×600). Let me know if you
    find some good prices somewhere that is reliable. I’m trying to setup a way
    for the exact suppliers that I video-blog to sell samples directly to my
    members, check back for more.

  23. Charbax says:

    my website is armdevices but you can’t buy those tablets there yet.
    Hopefully I find a way for you to be able to buy them there soon so check
    back in the members store.


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