Woman poops in Shenzhen subway, caught on camera – Shenzhen Video

Shenzhen, China. For info: http://beijingcream.com/2013/05/another-public-pooper-caught-on-camera-in-shenzhen-subway/ Source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XN…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

7 Responses to “Woman poops in Shenzhen subway, caught on camera – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Timothy Wells says:

    And just leaves it there, Christ that’s sick, other people walk there. I
    mean just a sick person.

  2. Queen Khaela says:


  3. ronald quezada says:

    Wtf she didn’t wipe

  4. Blake Bennett says:

    Food for roaches.

  5. 246alive . says:


  6. Ryuuta Kazimoto says:

    ホンマ動物以下やなぁ~ここの国は、常識はるかに超えてるよねぇ~ やっぱ、自分中心なんやね!この人達って
    でも、カメラ撮影してるって事は、やったらいけない事って分かっているねんねぇ〜 (=_=;)

  7. Carlos Buffalohair says:


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