Chinese Beatbox Battle – Final – Shenzhen 2011 – BBB³TV – Shenzhen Video

Watch the Final Round of the BTK Chinese Beatbox Battle at True Color club on saturday the 27 August 2011 in Shenzhen. This historical event was the first na…
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18 Responses to “Chinese Beatbox Battle – Final – Shenzhen 2011 – BBB³TV – Shenzhen Video”

  1. soulfulfool says:

    charizard? go i choose you ! PO-KE-MON

  2. cordell velez says:

    313 is soooooo sick

  3. rey kone says:

    lol this is asian 😀 fail !

  4. karpfenaut says:

    Zenith.iceiceice and LGD.DD ?

  5. GodFatherBox says:

    @IdkU2Right i hear sounds of anger when i read your comment..

  6. spardafx07 says:


  7. Angus MacLeod says:

    @christianu2ubers its called there is no god

  8. Adolf Hitler says:


  9. Niccolo Polo says:

    lol they both look like chonny’s dad and the other looks like the phegg

  10. No0031 says:

    Surprised not more of these guys were in the worlds this year .

  11. Alex Fiend says:

    The other guy should’ve won!

  12. LieXĩu AFC says:


  13. PepsiTasteLikeCoke says:

    Best T-shirt ever hahaha

  14. AntelmiReTrOs says:

    3:15 nice, but .. is becoming a duck! What the hell…….

  15. RhodneyNL says:

    @xEimi907 mouth*

  16. Dávid Sulák says:

    HIKAKIN!!! 🙂 THE BEST!!! 🙂

  17. TheGact says:

    unglaublich diese schitzies :,D thumb this up!

  18. Buuub08 says:

    Youre pretty stupid to think that happens only in Asia and that every
    single person in Asia is selfish. There are a couple reasons why the crowd
    is silent. 1) There isnt much of a crowd. Maybe like 100 people. Its in a
    club/bar/pub not in a stadium. 2) This is new to the people in mainland
    China. 3) Asians, especially mainland Chinese, dont go batshit on concerts
    and performances. Excessive noise is considered disrespectful to the


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