I’m Going to Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video

La Palabra and Orquesta La Palabra performs live at Burbank’s outdoor street festival featuring Remy Martin on Hip Hop vocals from his Breakthrough CD.

10 Responses to “I’m Going to Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video”

  1. pilotarmenia says:


  2. chris b says:

    i downloaded this from iTunes, what a great little number, even better if
    you have been there and experianced the atmosphere, a real party place.

  3. monnomcjohan says:

    Wonderful cha cha cha to dance to.

  4. eiscugc says:

    Where can I find the lyric?

  5. chris b says:

    unless you have been to shekou/shenzhen only then will you appreciate this
    party song, amazing fun place

  6. forhissake says:

    Nice latin beat and great lyrics to this fine swinging salsa video.

  7. Don Hermans says:

    @jaysiebell The guy from La Palabra is an American;) So I guess no

  8. TheMerk87 says:

    @jaysiebell YES!!! It’s called Y Yo Va Pa’ Shenzhen

  9. jaysiebell says:

    do cha cha cha to this song but i sware its all in latin, is there a
    spanish version of this song? or a non english version?

  10. folk ambiance says:

    ¨^_^¨ :)))


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