Getting a tailor made suit in Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video

How and where do I get my suits made? Come along and find out… Join me on Facebook: Let’s not forget Google Plus: ht…
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13 Responses to “Getting a tailor made suit in Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Pal Marine says:

    Follow Winston to get a nice tailored suit…

  2. dave temuchin says:

    Great walkabout it’s a delight to follow you around i love asia.

  3. 808yewtube says:

    I was soooo impressed with your bargaining skills when we were there! I
    wished I had video’d that!!! 

  4. Ellsworth Dansby says:

    Stay Awesome, stay successful, stay healthy. See you next trip hopefully. 

  5. smerikF says:

    In Shanghai we have the fabric market. There are hundreds of shops where
    they can make suits, so the competition is very high. A decend quality
    3-piece tailor-made suit is around 800RMB

  6. Bruce Banner says:

    Congrats on the hitting the 25k mark! Was this video filmed in the same
    place that had the knock-off electronics?

  7. 4514STUDIOS says:

    This is a youtube who actually talks to his subscribers. Congrats on your
    25K plus serpentza

  8. randomActOfBlindness says:

    Limpet Touts

    lol that’s funny.

  9. frenchbullfrog says:

    the main reason I like your vids, you take the viewer on your journeys !!

  10. gimpinmypants says:

    I got an alert you uploaded a new video. I guess I’m on your alert list,
    now? I’m fine with that. You’re amazing, serpentza.

  11. Cass Carter says:

    Headed to China myself in a month. The info on suits and such was good,
    but getting a view of the Metro process there definitely set my mind at
    ease. Was worried it’d be impossible to navigate without being able to
    read Chinese.

  12. tonydaletony says:

    Wow $150 for a suit and shirt aint too bad. They seem to be good quality
    too. We have a place in Dallas like this but not fully tailored.

  13. gozert lo says:

    i love u man, thanks for existing xD


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