Walking down the street in the Shenzhen Bao’an District – Shenzhen Video

Bao’an is an area where many of the tablet factories and PCB design houses are, here you can see what the locals like to do on the streets at night.
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8 Responses to “Walking down the street in the Shenzhen Bao’an District – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Fred Shampine says:

    These videos street videos are very cool.

  2. Mathias Goge says:

    Best Channel i’ve ever subscribed!
    Love your Videos!!!! much props

  3. MyElijah56 says:

    please wander off into the cities more, It would be awesome if you had a
    channel only for these types of videos, I would watch them more often…

  4. Raymond Day says:

    That is neat to see all them people and at night. Never seen nothing like
    this on TV. It was very good to see how it is in another place in the
    world. Thank you.

  5. MrPahan11 says:

    very cool video. Thanks

  6. frellerk says:

    Awesome Video :), nice work :P

  7. drumstickNL says:

    I like these kinds of videos. Also cool how you randomly approach people

  8. shaurz says:

    Does everyone in Shezhen know a bit of English?


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