inWatch 3G Smartwatch Hands On at Shenzhen Maker Faire – Shenzhen Video

3G Smartwatch inWatch showed off a pretty impressive 3G Smartwatch at the Shenzhen Maker Faire, the high end watch was more intere…

6 Responses to “inWatch 3G Smartwatch Hands On at Shenzhen Maker Faire – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Ed Johnson PresentsNERD says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. Nicole Scott says:

    Check it out! 3G Smartwatch at Shenzhen Maker Faire!
    inWatch even has a Sapphire Display!

  3. Gabriel Gattringer says:

    Yay! Another Android (4.2.2) smartwatch with micro SIM card!

  4. Isaac Lee says:

    it has playstore right?

  5. DEATH says:

    Are u guys in China or Japan? Just curious!

  6. Ibrahim Bahakim says:

    Sorry darling can you say again how do you hear the calls? Is it just a
    normal speaker, “you put it on your ear and that’s it???” or does it have a
    special way of doing that? I mean you said, “this is some real cool
    Please can you explain how to listen to calls? Does it have wifi, BT, GPS,
    3G? Where can I get it?
    Thanks a lot suger.
    P.S you always look pretty :3


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