Shenzhen China street vendors in Dong Men 东门, 東門 – Shenzhen Video

Shenzhen China street vendors in Dong Men 东门, 東門

This was on Sunday at midnight in Dong Men and there were people everywhere. Tried some of the food and liked it after a long day shopping and getting some g…
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6 Responses to “Shenzhen China street vendors in Dong Men 东门, 東門 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. 1Thousandtrees says:

    i’m sorry but i definitely don’t trust street vendors in China .. if you
    want safe food, go to hk. .

  2. Christopher Chang says:

    No rats, but chicken wings, chicken hearts, squid, beef, pork, vegetables
    and mutton.

  3. Tony Chang says:

    Were those rats on a skewer?

  4. dadingdongdummy says:

    Midnight was probably a good time to hit there.. it was still fresh, 99.99%
    I assure you. There are several grocers around the corner that service them
    at whole sale prices anyway. Right and so your comments… on a Sunday
    night in your hometown there are no worries about trying new tastes and/or
    the ingredients in the food you spontaneously dive into when hungry after a
    long day of shopping? Think again… I’m a former “fine dine” sous-chef
    from Boston, I know firsthand. Just saying……

  5. itsnotalwaysyou says:

    looks so fun

  6. joe ross says:

    somehow, I love Dong Men; I guess it’s easy when you’re in love with a
    woman who turns out to be my wife. Shenzhen is a blast, I always had in my
    wallet the address to our apartment in mandarin but it was embarrassing
    when I got lost and found out I was 3 blocks away from our apt. In the us
    we have pub crawls, hmm, in shenzhen I call it shop cooler walks. My wife
    told me ppl think this is “cool”; turns out the work cool means something a
    little on the negative side; more like weird. Great trips!


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