First vs. Snute – IEM Shenzhen 2014 – LB Final EU Qualifier – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video

First vs. Snute - IEM Shenzhen 2014 - LB Final EU Qualifier - StarCraft 2 Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “First vs. Snute – IEM Shenzhen 2014 – LB Final EU Qualifier – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Tyfyh says:

    I don’t get the joke about “technical difficulties” @ 4:00

  2. Brendon O'Neill says:

    I have exams to study for. Why must Starcraft taunt me!?

  3. 박지수 says:

    How the hell white guy does better than fuckin ASIAN

  4. Thomas Bishop says:

    Snute…. you monster!

    And fuck First for dragging out that game for so long. You got 46 supply vs
    196 but nooo you can’t just GG. Typical protoss attitude. “My OP as fuck
    units will win me the game.” I’m glad he got eliminated. Less Toss, more

  5. konstantin tenko says:

    Personaliy i enjoy commentary of Kaelaris and Appolo, it was an insane game
    and casters go insane as well. I also was like: “Ok, snute is dead, no he
    isn’t, no, it’s over, o my, no, don’t you, how the hell, o snute, i can’t
    believe, what a guy!”

  6. fatcatco says:

    Snute is a guy to look out for this year, he’s up and rising, he’s so
    great, he could very well become the next Stephano or Naniwa, a contender
    that can beat anyone at any given day, he could very well end up this year
    with a top 16 finnish at BlizzCON.

  7. OverKilleR - PC GAMER! says:

    last game was most epic game in months..or years!!

  8. Partha MakOthna says:

    I’m speechless people… This match was fuckin unbelivable! Epic! Amazing.
    Fuckin incredible! Can’t wait for the next contest!

  9. phillip le says:

    what a great game omg!! it was like a roller coaster!!!!!

  10. lukaszepesi says:

    So many swarmhosts, can’t do anything against that. 

  11. Nation of Masturbation says:

    Lol, they pronounce his name as SNUUT. Hahaha.

  12. pieroog says:

    SH-Viper is such a BS combo :/

  13. Tyfyh says:

    Casters are awesome! Give them medals!


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