MMA vs. First – IEM Shenzhen 2014 – WB Final EU Qualifier – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

14 Responses to “MMA vs. First – IEM Shenzhen 2014 – WB Final EU Qualifier – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. hcsppkdc2 says:

    WTF why laugh sooo hard at 21:50 ? just widow mines killing pr…

  2. YberDC says:

    Despite that I’m a fan of terran players (merely because I prefer human
    races on every game, cuz I’m a human y’know) I think that First put up an
    amazing show in the series.

  3. cereaxx says:

    Good game despite the annoying commentary. 

  4. fatcatco says:

    Kaelaris #Behave 

  5. Chuck Osram says:

    i feel exactly the same protoss losing i love this game
    poor protoss in first game everything going wrong

  6. fckudave says:

    240p dafuq?

  7. 1T9O8M7 says:

    whats is the into song ?

  8. Le Trong Linh says:

    were those 2 casters or 2 mma fans? that commentary just lack

  9. Stephen Day says:

    I was so close to wetting myself laughing after game one. i so hope MMA
    floats to the gold!!, we need more fun, you dont have to be too British
    guys. laugh and have fun!!

  10. Rodion Murdakhayev says:

    Lmfaoooo best cast ever 

  11. ZenPhilosopher123 says:


  12. Jakub Labuz says:

    Such a great games!

  13. phogelbice says:

    like two giggly girls.. give us tod and rotterdam.

  14. Richard Stacey says:

    Hilarious cast- loved it. Great work Apollo! I laughed a lot!


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