HDC Galaxy S5 G9008 1.2GHz 1GB/4GB MTK6572 $115.00 – Shenzhen – Unboxing! – Shenzhen Video

Please subscribe for more! Got it from Shenzhen seller here: http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/dual-core-mtk6572-smartphone-5-0-capacitive/186925462.html T…
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22 Responses to “HDC Galaxy S5 G9008 1.2GHz 1GB/4GB MTK6572 $115.00 – Shenzhen – Unboxing! – Shenzhen Video”

  1. iMactheIphone says:

    Seriously????? Another video from you tonight??? Your on a damn role!!!!!!
    Well looks like bed will have to wait a bit more. Gonna watch this one.
    Hit me up when you get a chance. Thanks.

  2. s7yler says:

    Cool video as always! 🙂 your really busy atm.

  3. stix4Him says:

    I work for one of the big 4 carriers and I doubt I have handled as many
    android devices as you Jay! 

  4. TUSO says:

    Another one! now i get when you said that this was not your main source of
    income, nice phoneS haha

  5. Dylan Frederic says:

    Wait For Octa Core Full HD Clone ;)

  6. Allan Duran says:

    Okay so last time I bought a Galaxy S4 clone and i tried playing games on
    it it didnt support when i would put 2 or more fingers on the screen like
    minecraft, it would like move tothe side and now work, I wanted to know if
    this one does that. Thanks :)

  7. Playtrack22 says:

    I hope the next unboxing video is original s5 and compared all of them. 

  8. Jan Kocourek says:

    good reviews 🙂 i have like your videos

  9. Twigish says:

    What shit get a real s4 or s5

  10. blakegriplingph says:

    Is the phone running on 4.2.2 instead of 4.4 as with the original? Shoving
    in a 6572 instead of a more powerful SOC on it seems lulzy too.

  11. Husein Gedik says:

    +mayiandjay Which whone would you recomend from ibaby88 or shenzhen or

  12. DuitseShit strijder says:


  13. Ripence says:

    ibaby888 now sells one with quadcore and its called 1:1, but it stills only
    has 512mb of ram, which is to low for me.

  14. aaron jasper bancale says:

    i gotta ask which is better this one or the ones from ibaby8888 and from
    wielhk pls answer

  15. bhavesh prabhu says:

    Giveaway time lol!!!

  16. bibliobakker says:

    I like the touchwiz interface better. Do you know how to easy get it if it
    is not on the phone? Maybe a launcher or app?
    Thank you again for all your great work!

  17. Freddie Master says:

    i wanted to know about the operating system!!
    is it different from the regular samsung software??
    can it be updated to look more like it?

  18. Playerkingify says:

    hi jay, which phone lag less? thanks

  19. Marcus L says:

    shen only give you one battery?

  20. IIIIALBYIIII says:

    people who are asking about goophone s5…………….its not out yet!!!!!
    soon tho

  21. shree raam says:

    +mayiandjay bro will u buy star z2 >zperia z2 clone??


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