Life vs. Taeja – ZvT – Group D Decider – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China Watch more IEM StarCraft 2 action…
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15 Responses to “Life vs. Taeja – ZvT – Group D Decider – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Malacite says:

    Why is almost every pro-terran player seemingly allergic to Blue Flame?!

  2. M1710 says:

    So terrible casting :(

  3. Andrei Hognogi says:

    I’ve been working with starcraft videos in the background, I’ve been eating
    watching starcraft, and i’ve been cleaning my room watching starcraft. I
    love it!

  4. Kingcob16 says:

    haha. I wonder how many people will miss nathan’s double reaper joke.

  5. TheAlanmiro says:

    Needs CC to understand what the hell the guy on the right was trying to
    PS: English motherf*cker, do you speak it?!

  6. JambaJuice200 says:

    lol, they sound like kung fu fighters or something . the dying marines
    around 11:45

  7. Maciej Bolanowski says:

    Nate is either drunk or high, look at what he does with his eyes, and the
    way he speaks in the first couple of minutes. Lol

  8. walter1186 says:

    Could you guys focus on the game… or at least keep the camera in a good
    position so we can see what is important. Thanks

  9. Sturmbannfuhrer2 says:

    rotti sucks 

  10. Benny209 says:

    kingda ka in jackson NJ, best ride ever….but it wouldn’t be the best
    analogy for your typical roller coaster ride since it just goes straight up
    and spirals down (tallest/fastest in the world). 

  11. nullings says:

    Guys are you crazy? Rotti and Nath are a great combo!
    Doubble reapers wooah!

  12. Mus Tgr says:

    someone ban this fucking euro faggot from casting any more games

  13. DsPoliticalRants says:

    These two are my favorite casters! I hope this isn’t their “last” cast

  14. Mus Tgr says:

    “because of the flyers?” FUCKING dumb europeans

  15. Ademga348 says:

    -gfdslkgjdkgPlayfsdkfsdf.That all i hear from this casters.Pls replace


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