Solar vs. INnoVation – ZvT – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China Watch…

22 Responses to “Solar vs. INnoVation – ZvT – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. andrew1007 says:

    Surprisingly good play. Casters were right about his [supposed]
    overcommitment to bling that he was forced to make, as opposed to muta
    concentration. But it absolutely crushed Innovation’s MM. I always felt
    like that was a better style… more bling or throwing roaches into the mix.

    They absolutely tear through split marines. I saw a game like that with
    just a few roaches with bling and the fight went so well on the zerg’s
    part. Splitting is a must for bling, but at the same time splitting leaves
    you vulnerable to roaches…

    And it’s not like it’s a huge tech commitment when you hit mid/late game.
    You see zergs do crazy resource dumps, like 30 banes all at once, when you
    hit that phase.

    Well… what do I know? I should trust these guys, lol.

  2. Quoc Diep says:

    Wow solar has rock solid english for kespa player

  3. arsviatticae says:

    Banelings are so funny, so clumsy.

  4. 17teacmrocks says:

    TAEJA #1!

  5. idonknowhoami says:

    Ling Bling lol

  6. kayhan mamak says:

    anyone know what keybaord his using?

  7. Sacco Svd says:

    Hey good english Solar!

  8. Sebastian Martínez says:

    tanks?? where are the taaankss??

  9. Jae Park says:

    Terran. the only race that can threaten the other race while being 80
    supply behind. Terran OP

  10. Daniel Monge says:

    Ha Guys with Rammus Hats at SC2 tournament

  11. 김선민 says:

    Why are koreans so ugly

  12. radiopinkzeppelin2 says:

    the aussie accent’s rather charming imo..pleasant to the ear

  13. Emil Abd says:

    wow innovation got really bad 🙁

  14. Jeffrey Chen says:

    39:00 it says “Innovations Jim ‘add oil'” (that means “let’s go” or
    “fighting” for the fobs)

  15. Martin Železník says:

    Very good casting. I love watching SC2 but I am not a player. Appreciate
    the analysis and everything. Keep it going. Good job guys!

  16. kainniak1 says:

    i know bling rhymes with ling but srsly dude just say bane, ling. i dont
    know why but saying ling bling just got really annoying

  17. Jonathan Rogers says:

    Love these casters!! #Moonglade #QXC Woo!!!

  18. HKO2006 says:

    Name of the outro music?

  19. RoboticsBay says:


    These kespa dudes


  20. Venim850 says:

    Why is he wearing headphones around his neck and another set over his head?
    (not the ear buds)

  21. Farasmius says:

    GOSU english

  22. Venim850 says:



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