Jaedong vs. TaeJa – ZvT – Semifinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video

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21 Responses to “Jaedong vs. TaeJa – ZvT – Semifinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. 69lol69 says:

    Bw games gets more views than this travesti starcraft/warcraft in space
    cheesy imba game go buy 3 pieces of game to get the entire game because
    fuck you dumb give me mony

  2. princetonwu says:

    why do zergs not use infestors? would be good for those kiting mMM?

  3. Fenrisulv987 says:

    I’d just like to point this out, and wondered if anyone else agrees with
    me. But all the casters pronounce centrifugal hooks like “sentry-few-gull”
    hooks, when I always thought it was “Sent-riff-ig-all”. As in “Centrifugal
    force”, in physics. I love the casters, Kaelaris, QXC, Rotterdam,
    Nathanias, and Apollo. I love all their work, just sensational casting of
    this years IEM Shenzhen 2014. So epic. But i can’t help pondering that
    strange pronunciation of “centrifugal”.

  4. xapemanx says:

    Jaedong struggling against mines, he needs some Hyun advice

  5. Grant L says:

    Can somebody explain to me why jaedong gg in the first game?

  6. ayen789 says:

    JDs not as good as he was anymore. =(

  7. Kin3sisCurt says:

    Great games but fuck is terran so OP in the hands of taeja

  8. Red Ace says:

    The “ESL Subscribe” thing at the top right of the screen is blocking the
    supply count, which is annoying.

  9. winstonsmith116 says:

    yup, terran need that new widow mine buff…

  10. jay bee says:

    only <21k viewers?!?! two of the best ever c'mon sc2 world!!!

  11. MymaJyma says:

    Kalarus is looking sexy lately. 

  12. albu2oo8 says:

    Hey guys i have a question.if i buy sc2 wings of liberty that means i
    unlock whole campaign for terran and multiplayer with all classes right?
    but can i still play with the guys who got heart of swarm?

  13. IIkingdomII says:

    terran design philosophy: can’t get harassed: planetary fortress. can’t get
    supply blocked: call down supply. need more minerals: make mules. don’t
    make it too hard for noobs: one unit that kills everything. meanwhile
    league of legends actually requires skill.

  14. Durri01 says:

    Jaedong is actually the only korean Player which doesn’t look like the
    other “pulled out of the butthole” – asians.

  15. Stuart Knight says:

    Sad to hear Taeja about to be kidnapped by the military.

  16. Alchemy Camouflage says:

    35:03 Is there a way to make creep tumors do that simultaneously, or is
    Jaedong’s clicking that quick that it just seems that way?

  17. SuperPepae says:


  18. Jirconny says:

    Ridiculous how MUCH economicly and tech wise zerg must be ahead to beat a

  19. IIkingdomII says:

    let’s give zerglings a range upgrade, hp upgrade, adrenal upgrade, flying
    upgrade, healing upgrade. OH WAIT THAT WOULD BE CALLED A MARINE.

  20. Samuel Oh says:

    where’s 1080p? 720 hurts my eyes


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