Snute vs. Jaedong – ZvZ – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video

Snute vs. Jaedong - ZvZ - Quarterfinals - IEM Shenzhen - StarCraft 2 Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China Watch…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Snute vs. Jaedong – ZvZ – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video”

  1. heime1990 says:

    why is no black or latinos in sc2?

  2. arsviatticae says:

    Jaedong is the best player that ever lived.

  3. John Doe says:

    Might catch some hate here, but I find ZvZ so damn BORING :(

  4. CaptainSw3den says:

    jaedong is not 22 right?

  5. argumnto56 says:

    480 ONLY ?? 

  6. notix112 says:


  7. Allen Kim says:

    Amazing game 5. Talk about micro wars!

  8. FanNeoclassicalMetal says:

    Snute has so poor micro comparing to korean players.

  9. mishazutube says:

    ikea table

  10. Oakley G says:

    Esports/SC2’s problem is that there are too many casters who call games.
    And they are so terrible. These guys were horrendous. I loved how they
    called game 5 for Snute and then when Jaedong came back and won they both
    were acting like it was foregone because of Jaedong’s better decision
    making. Own up to it when you make the wrong call. I would say amateurs as
    an insult, but do these guys actually get paid anything to cast these

  11. Daniel Steeves says:

    Wow, I liked Snute. But Jaedong is still king. I hope to see Snute give it
    another shot next time.

  12. Ning-Jia Ong says:

    wow.. that’s suzy without makeup right there..
    so different..

  13. Engineer Valkyrie says:

    ZvZ the most boring matchup in the game

  14. Bryan Matthew Batanes says:

    Pure epic games definitely not stale the micro of speedlings and banes are

  15. Enter a name here says:

    Last game…. literally speechless.

  16. kevin gagnon says:

    i honestly hate that the playlist doesnt play through from first series to
    last. honestly i love having all the matches spoiled by listening to the
    commentators talk between games

  17. MajesticMist says:


  18. MymaJyma says:

    Snute could have killed the spawning pool in game 4 -_-

  19. redflamelcd says:

    WTF! jaedong even uses the mouse like a boss. middle and ring fingers on
    mouse1 and 2?

  20. KalberSaber says:

    lings are dancin~~

  21. Adam94in says:

    Poor Snute :(


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