Amaz vs. MaSsan – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – Hearthstone – Shenzhen Video Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 July 2014 – Shenzhen, China.

14 Responses to “Amaz vs. MaSsan – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – Hearthstone – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Roc Kim says:


  2. AHungryOyster says:

    This was like the Brazil-Germany game all over again :/

  3. wowz98 says:

    0:18 Does StrifeCro or Gnimsh want to make 1000-5000 dollars a day?

  4. psyconickiller says:

    massan fckn sucks so hard there. didnt even use the coin wtf

  5. William Hamby says:

    In game audio way too loud.

  6. Thiago Ikeda says:

    is massan a boy or a girl? :s

  7. L3ndzo83 says:

    rag needs nerfing i literally have him in every deck, you cannot go wrong
    with this guy.. maybe having him deal 6 damage inastead of 8 or keep him
    dealing 8 but having him ”sleeping” 1st turn he’s out

  8. Caylio Nguyen says:

    Amaz deck features the element of surprise using both commander and war

  9. Brandon Tkach says:

    game starts 3:20

  10. DOM1NAT1ONX says:


  11. KJH says:

    Noxious is RNGesus? Then Amaz is Virgin Mary.

  12. Anthony Barnes says:

    Amaz is a prophet of Rngesus

  13. John Meow says:


  14. DWGOD says:

    massan’s reactions are so op


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