Anti-Japan Protest in Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video

Anti-Japan Protest in Shenzhen China

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25 Responses to “Anti-Japan Protest in Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video”

  1. UnitedSeaPowers says:

    Today ,my Philippines friend family at Paranaque city in Manila quarreled with Chinese demo.
    They broke Japanese stores and burned Japan flag, other friend said.
    Finally the family was thrown eggs by the demo group.
    The daughter seems not to be able to go university school.
    and the mother’s face seems to look red and the father is over 60Years old.
    Police came and people helped the family,
    but the Chinese are rich and right in Philippines,so Chinese seem to be able to do action as they like.

  2. traiquocoai8x says:

    The Chinese dogs type land confiscation

  3. pika718l says:

    uncivilized barbaric chinese

  4. Minoru Kawaguchi says:

    which idiot would put encouraging music on stupidity?

  5. Hoa Phuong Nguyen says:

    Bọn trung quốc là một lũ ô hợp. đại háng hay còn gọi là chó

  6. Truong Phong Nguyen says:


  7. MiMiHaDu says:

    Lũ chó TQ chờ cơ hội này lâu rồi :))

  8. m00se321 says:

    look’s Staged By the Communist Government,Making the People Protest,,is’nt It odd that In China ,They have no Right’s for Freedom Of Assembly….anyhow Many Vietnamese,S.korean’s,Tiawan,Philippin’es support’s JAPAN!! And Seem’s latley Everything Belong’s to Communist China Outside the Great Wall Of China.

  9. m00se321 says:

    Vietnam,Philippines,Tiawan,S.Korea Supports You JAPAN!!!

  10. TheUigioioi113 says:

    Tụi tàu khựa đang trong thời kỳ động đực đề nghị Nhật cử maria ozawa qua ổn định tình hình. =))

  11. kimdanvip says:

    Fuck chi na

  12. lilgoodcs says:

    Cậy đông dân =]]
    ~> dân trí thấp, những hành động này chỉ đáng bạn bè Quốc tế khinh bỉ.

  13. stephen8898 says:

    they are related to the rape of nanjing massacre dont blame them XD

  14. chi tran says:

    dkm đảm bảo bọn thanh niên khựa tối về cũng bật JAV nhật sem.fuck china

  15. Nguyễn Hồng Lam says:

    Fuck China

  16. Tuan Nguyen says:

    Dog shit chinese (not “Chinese”), you guys occupy Japan’s island & say it is yours. Let show we the world your evidences to prove it belong to you. And I remind you asshole guys again: Paracel Islands & Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam. That is REAL TRUTH. Your government has overshadowed you by their untruthful informations to lash you into a fury. If you still had your brain, you would realise that truth.

  17. sixmelon says:


  18. VipB2utyNT says:

    bọn điên!!!!!!!!tự nhiên đi phá đồ của japan thì lấy gì mà sống ha??????????????

  19. ba lana says:

    China shit

  20. PekeTalk says:

    Go out of the EARTH!!!!

  21. Toi la toi says:

    Cho lũ này vài quả bom nguyên tử là sạch hết dòng giống tàu khựa

  22. duy nguyen says:

    原子弹 —>china

  23. trinh phong says:

    fuck china…china is dog , dog , dog…damn china…fuck chian…china stupid

  24. phongdang1610 says:

    dis me tui bay chiem dao viet nam sao deo khung

  25. long nu tieu says:

    trung cheng di cuop dat thi khong sao den khi bi nguoi khac cuop lai thi quay ra can nguoi ta .trung cheng giay mat qua .


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