A VLOG from my trip to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China – Shenzhen Video

I made a trip to China in April 2012. This is my first experience with going to “Greater China.” I had previously visited Hong Kong years ago, before control of it reverted to China. I found the people of Shenzhen welcoming and I enjoyed my visit. The purpose of my visit was for work. The result of my trip is that I now have a few more friends 🙂

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  1. carlyonv says:

    This was interesting, thank-you for sharing. China is one of the places I haven’t been to yet and really want to visit.

  2. cleverclod says:

    Thanks, Shawn. I figured that was probably the case.

  3. Shawn Nan says:

    Western names are used especially in international companies. These names are not formal or official.

  4. Shawn Nan says:

    Exactly. It is happy to work with wendy.

  5. 1catbob says:

    Same here about the raw fishy stuff 🙂

  6. cluelocker says:

    Thanks Zoo. It was not easy being away for a week, but it’s a good job in a bad economy. I missed my Peggy and I’m glad to be home. Thanks for commenting, Larry

  7. zoo401 says:

    やあ Larry.
    君の中国旅行 大変興味深く見た。
    Peggyが 居ないから 君一人の 仕事のための 旅行と理解した。
    料理の画像が とても良い。
    そして 人々との ふれあいも良い。
    女性に対する 君のマナーもとても紳士的だ。 Zoo

  8. cluelocker says:

    no factories. Mao and his cohorts are gone. China is headed for prosperous times. I’ve heard Russia is also heating up economy wise… we could use a little of that over here, don’t you know. No raw seafood for me thanks 🙂

  9. cluelocker says:

    glad you took a look. there were some more spectacular views. you should travel when you can. I didn’t have to pay my way since it was a company trip. I couldn’t have done it otherwise

  10. BloodTrucksandBeer says:

    The view looks spectacular! You make me want to get out and travel to see the world.

  11. 1catbob says:

    Very good, Larry. The girl with the glasses (Wendy?) was cute 🙂 The last meal with the “lazy susan” type table reminded me of a similar experience that I had years ago. I didn’t see any raw seafood dishes, though. Maybe I missed them. It seems that the days of Mao Tse Tung are long gone. Did you see any factories?

  12. snowraven7 says:

    Actually Larry..I have watched it twice. It must have been quite an experience for you and I will watch more of your footage whenever you post more. Pretty cool in my book! You take care now.

  13. cluelocker says:

    thanks for watching it Carol. it’s very long…. sorry bout that.. I actually have way more footage… I’ll be posting more. I completely understand if you don’t care to see more. Best to you and yours, Larry

  14. snowraven7 says:

    Very interesting Larry. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  15. cluelocker says:

    I don’t know exactly how to describe about the names. They pick them and start using them when they begin to learn English. They are their names, but not their names given at birth.

  16. cluelocker says:

    thanks Michelle :)

  17. Michinil says:

    Really great vid Larry!!

  18. cleverclod says:

    This is a stone’s throw from Hong Kong, I believe. I would imagine this part of the country shares some of the same affluence. I was wondering why all of your hosts had recognizable names (i.e., English names like Wendy, Henry, etc.) Was that for your convenience, do you think, or have Western names really taken root there, so close to Hong Kong? Loved this, Larry. Hope your new job is a satisfying one.

  19. cluelocker says:

    thanks for watching. It’s become a mix of communism/capitalism. Beginning with Deng XiaoPing when Chairman Mao died China has opened up and advanced to rival the other capitalist countries.

  20. cluelocker says:

    thanks for looking Nidge

  21. TUCKERZONE says:

    Thank you very much Lary for taking us with you Buddy

  22. Zsolto66 says:

    Hey Larry, thanks for this virtual visit to Shenzhen it was very interesting. I am amazed to see how modern everything looks at those parts. And the people were also very nice. I have mixed feelings seeing all this and then recalling the fact that they are still a communist country.


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