Shenzhen’s new Electric Taxis – Shenzhen Video

Shenzhen's new Electric Taxis

I took a ride in one of the new all Electric taxis the other day, take a look at what they’re really like.. awesome things 🙂 Also some of the celebrations since I just turned 30 on the 17th of August..

21 Responses to “Shenzhen’s new Electric Taxis – Shenzhen Video”

  1. geragna says:

    Fuck yeahhhhh. I can understand quite a bit of your chinese conversations now. 😀

  2. Stephen O Neill says:

    Can you do a “China how it is ,The Secret Police”, because in the West and South Africa It’s pretty Bad. STASI

  3. Armin Prnjavorac says:

    does that taxi has heating? how does that work?

  4. Len Cla says:

    Hey how are you… Just Want to say keep up the good work on your vids…

  5. kos2372 says:

    Happy Birthday! I have watched all of your videos and I enjoyed seeing China from your point of view.

  6. Xerxes845 says:

    I drove a BYD as a rental in Chile and I was actually quite impressed! Unfortunately they can’t be released in Argentina anytime soon because of so many copyright claims against them.

  7. frankly665 says:

    Yes, still.

  8. krs400122 says:

    hey…  it’s now on the market for sale…. after the goverment subsidy this thing only cost 170,000RMB

  9. jpzhouutube says:

    thanks, I really like your videos.

  10. serpentza says:

    Yeah they’re still using them, and they’re also available as a commercial car too, they’re great and a full sized car

  11. Heluva Scooter says:

    How are these little electric Taxi’s holding up? Are they still using them?

  12. MIkac0202 says:

    I wonder how long have you taken to have a such influence Chinese?

  13. dickies90046 says:

    I tried the electric taxi there and it was very smooth and comfortable ride I had ever experienced. I was very surprise as well that this thing is all electric and it’s not a hybrid. It’s impressive and you guys got to try it to see it for yourself.

  14. douglasberteloni says:

    Meanwhile that, starts you to develop a homemade electric car, I am from Londrina, State of Paraná, Brazil and we get started.

  15. douglasberteloni says:

    I’d repair in this too, got a chinese girlfriend is cool.

  16. ranbnzz says:

    Damn, so each of you got a chinese girl?
    Thats much cooler than electric taxi.

  17. harrison28514 says:

    You’ll get better ones my brother.

  18. watup2154 says:

    Why China is ignoring its neighbors…. we want these Electric cars… right now…. and china is going all the way to the other side of the planet to USA … i mean come on…
    we want one too………… in Karachi, pakistan…

  19. serpentza says:

    Yeah, very quiet, you can only hear the tyre noise really

  20. AwesomeAlvin says:

    seems rather quiet.

  21. SexyXelent says:

    how long did it take you to learn chinese?


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