[Eng sub]Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM Part 3 – Regret having talked about bikini 박유천 ユチョン – Shenzhen Video

2012.09.08 Shenzhen Fan Meeting

19 Responses to “[Eng sub]Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM Part 3 – Regret having talked about bikini 박유천 ユチョン – Shenzhen Video”

  1. beautifullife20 says:

    I’m amazed by the translator, switching back and forth between the two languages – they’re not easy to learn O_o Well, she’s probably native in one of them but still xD

  2. ThePolah05 says:

    i really do hope… but maybe its quite soon.. just hope that there will be another drama of our yoochun in philippine tv after skks.. 🙂

  3. iampandalovebamboo says:

    When did he make the bikini comment? Oh well… if that is what he wants, rain, shine, or snow I will be at your next concert/meeting in a bikini (gotta work on those abs now)

  4. Cassi Thu says:

    Yup. you can just type “20120908 – Yoochun – Fanmeeting Shenzhen (Full) ” in search box.I heard YuChun played DB5K & HoMin songs. By any chance, you find that part?

  5. catherine020482 says:

    hope that rooftop prince can be shown here in the Philippines! 

  6. corcraze says:

    Witty Yoochun!!! hahahha.. love this! thanks for the sub! did u subbed the Shanghai fm too? Im catching up all the fancams now..huhuh

  7. ychun jyj says:

    Just can’t stop laughing when seeing the video. Yoochun is such a witted, charming, warm person that we can’t hide our love to him. Best wishes to Yoochun and will pray for him to get a good wife to take care of him.

  8. threeS chunnie says:

    mc : “beside you’re winning the award, your partner (jimin) in RP also won an award”

    Yc : ” hmmm. .. received one more award than jimin nuna ”

    hahahaha…. chunnie… ur so cute & funny… i love your joke..

  9. 6002forever says:

    Yu Chun’s charm, wit ,charisma, sweetness and good manners does nothing except endears him to us in a way that leaves everyone asking for more.No wonder the Shen Zhen fans cried after the fan meeting was over. They just can’t get enough of him.

  10. SuperVictoriaNguyen says:

    His cute is cuter when having sub, Thank Naicha Cold much.

  11. e82ncj says:

    Do anyone know the full version?? I can’t find the others part & I dun want miss it.

  12. koreamom says:

    so happy to find your subbed videos! thank you so much. he is so fun to watch while he talks and to listen to him! he just makes others feel happy around him! can’t get enough of his smiles!

  13. logan leigh says:

    thank you, thank you for the eng. subs!

  14. njkmq3 says:

    He’s really adorable.

  15. njkmq3 says:

    Thank you so much for the subs.

  16. OuwZhaIndo says:

    thanks for subbing this vid!

  17. yusan2 says:

    His embarrassed smiles are so adorable 8D

  18. monicaninny says:

    thank you for subbing!! his chinese pronounciation+tone is very good 😀

  19. dorijyj says:

    thank you very much for subbing <3333


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