Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM Part 1 – The Empty Space for You 박유천 ユチョン – Shenzhen Video

2012.09.08 Shenzhen Fan Meeting Yoochun’s form is not too well tonight at the beginning, but he sang “That Song” very well at the end, even though he coughed twice in the middle
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16 Responses to “Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM Part 1 – The Empty Space for You 박유천 ユチョン – Shenzhen Video”

  1. ducklingmvn says:

    I believed you with all my heart.

  2. ducklingmvn says:

    too many emotions!

  3. ussilverstar91 says:

    I love his “do me now” voice. He’s so awesome.

  4. Asamino1 says:

    What a great performance as always! And so handsome to the core ^__^ Thanks a lot naicha_cold for sharing this. Mind if i share? ^__^

  5. Stella WANG says:

    yuchun in my hometown~~~~~so exciting!!!

  6. monicaninny says:


  7. 6002forever says:

    It is not just this song that suits his deep ,romantic voice. Yu Chun can sing the telephone directory and I still will not get enough of his voice. Just like his acting, his singing is never exaggerated and he delivers the songs with his signature, smooth, velvety style which really soothes anyone listening.

    How can a man be born this handsome with such a beautiful voice and personality?

  8. threeS chunnie says:

    i always like to heard this song… oww… chunnie.. u makes me melted.. ^^

  9. ychun jyj says:

    Never get tired of listening to this song ! Love Chunnie’s voice veeeery much ! From his face can tell that he is so happy to see his fans even he is not feeling well. 大暖男!!

  10. LittlefingerMJ says:

    sweet voice ..Romantic^^

  11. Pangkosocute says:

    Your voice is really drive me crazy!!! Softly and sexy :p

  12. dmfwl2024 says:

    So handsome

  13. wonder0510 says:


  14. wonder0510 says:


  15. naicha cold says:

    2 hours

  16. NoMinWoo1Hwanja says:

    Usually how long does these fanmeeting last?Like 1 – 2 hours?Suddenly curious…lol


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