Scooter. Shenzhen. Serpentza :) – Shenzhen Video

Despite being busy with wedding preparations, moving, and work, Serpentza introduced me to scooter-riding and some delicious local cuisine in Shenzhen. All in a day’s work for a Jason Statham look-alike, I suppose, haha! (and yes, this vid is complete with an action chase scene, too!) Here is the link to my favorite serpentza scooter vlog: Offroad Scooter Chaos Hang out with me on FB

15 Responses to “Scooter. Shenzhen. Serpentza :) – Shenzhen Video”

  1. 808yewtube says:

    Yes, that dish was yummy!!! And yeah, hope I didn’t worry my group. I wonder what they were thinking, lol

  2. woodchip35 says:

    that egg plant dish is super tasty and im a fussy eater!!!! hahaha tour group wonder where you went 🙂

  3. 808yewtube says:

    It was very yummy! 😀 I enjoyed both dishes!

  4. 808yewtube says:

    I shot that first part in Hawaii and yes, it was Pacifico. I was looking for a Chinese beer but I couldn’t find one last minute, lol

  5. EppingForest304 says:

    food looked yummy!

  6. Australopitecuz2 says:

    Was that a Pacifico in the beginning? Nice, is mexican beer popular in Asia?

  7. 808yewtube says:

    A nice guy indeed! He is every bit a gentleman in person as he is in his videos, and the same goes for you as well 🙂

  8. 808yewtube says:

    True! It’s the second time I’ve been on two wheels in a foreign country! Thanks for dropping by, cwizard03 🙂

  9. 808yewtube says:

    No, it was something much better tasting! 🙂

  10. nlrider2012 says:

    He seems like a really nice guy to hang with.

  11. cwizard03 says:

    A very cool trip, I am very jealous. You are now an international biker 🙂 Keep the great vlogs coming. Ride Safe !

  12. windboy1976 says:

    cheers….wait…is that sweet and sour source?

  13. 808yewtube says:

    Sounds like a plan. Asia is fantastic. Kinda like home for me, haha but it isn’t quite home…

  14. XXX526 says:

    Scooters def have a purpose – I wish they were more popular in the USA. We had a couple nice ones a few years back. Great series vlog – I would like to visit the Far East some day, probably after I retire though, lol. 🙂

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