[Eng sub]Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM Part 8 – (funny) Why wearing slippers 10 months a year? – Shenzhen Video

2012.09.08 Shenzhen fan meeting
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  1. Ladygaya20 says:

    thank you for the eng sub

  2. extravondinary says:

    i’ve always thought its Pu too (I’ve heard Park Jungmin saying his chinese name as Pu Zheng Min, so i guess park=pu)

  3. iampandalovebamboo says:

    “Feel free to imagine after that”  Umm.. yeah, I definitely am imaging with you and me

  4. S2NadaS2 says:

    Seriously these guys with the flip flops question .. SO RUDE I would have been offended if someone asked me such a question!! ughghghgh mean people .. yoochun is a great person indeed

  5. ilima0183 says:

    thanks for sharing…oh so much trolling going on by Chun >.< cannot take it LOL

  6. Cassi Thu says:

    Thanks a million for your translation. 😀 & by your translation, I can tell you didn’t just translate it roughly but you translated with your heart and your translation proves how much you love Yu Chun and understands him. <3 I can't thank you enough.

  7. jxcouture1 says:

    HAHAHA he is such a smooth player 😛

  8. poonchica says:

    thank u so much for subbing.. but is there a part 7 too..? thanks so much!

  9. lcty13 says:

    LOL. thanks for the explanation. I have always thought its Pu You Tian as well.

  10. silmarwen44 says:

    Me too me too! Haha. I always thought the Chinese fans call him Pu Pu for short, so now actually they were saying Piao Piao…?? Which is kinda well, …. heheh

  11. silmarwen44 says:

    Hahaha, so cute. I am going to have such a hard time changing it in my mind though ><;; But Pu Piao or Pok uri Yoochun is always like this, so loveable :D

  12. littlebwear says:

    To me it’s “Pork” too lol.. But I think you can pronounce it either way as Piao or Pu. But the Chinese surname of 朴 is mainly pronounced as Piao, thus his fans call him Piao You-tian. But I personally prefer Pu You-tian. It sounds better, don’t you think 😉

  13. naicha cold says:

    They said for surname, it is pronounced as Piao instead of Pu. Anyway my mother tongue is Cantonese, so it’s neither Piao or Pu, to me it is Pok XDDDDD

  14. silmarwen44 says:

    Wanna thank you again for all your videos, they’re all really greaaattt ^^
    Have to say I love this translator, she translated all he said perfectly and makes sure she hears him right before translating 🙂
    And omgfail, I always thought in Chinese his name is pronounced Pu You Tian, not Piao 😡

  15. Kole Koh says:

    well, it seems ridiculous but I’m amazed by the person who has the guts to ask this. you can hear the fans burst out laughing once the MC read it, it’s around 4:21. =)

  16. corcraze says:

    really? omg! its like not a good question eh?

  17. corcraze says:

    he really is! being himself!

  18. corcraze says:

    OMG! thank you so much for this!! I just realised,all this while im actually missing him sooo much! hearing his voice making my heart warm!! Love thisss! he’s so damn cool! i wanna watch more eng sub fanmeet!

  19. graffitidust says:

    He is so freaking cute hot smart,everything!

  20. ychun jyj says:

    Yuchun is full of wit and humor

  21. Kole Koh says:

    LOL at one of the questions the MC read. ‘What would you do if you want to fart in public?’ >.>;;;

  22. SuperVictoriaNguyen says:

    You’re Eng is so great – I mean you Naicha Cold. Thanks for sub

  23. yuriluvjyj says:

    thank you very much for big effort <33333333333333333

  24. every777dayz says:

    Yuchun was really open and honest during this part. I wish I could have been there. Wonder what was so urgent to end it so abruptly like that. They really forced him off the stage.

  25. nicholelove333 says:



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