Survivng Shenzhen – My new series – Shenzhen Video

I’ve decided to answer a lot of questions I’ve been getting about China by starting a new series, a fun, dangerous and interesting adventure… come and see what it’s all about.
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21 Responses to “Survivng Shenzhen – My new series – Shenzhen Video”

  1. MrSheep2 says:

    Hey Winston….did you start making the videos for “Surviving Shenzhen?” I can’t wait to check them out. Hope you can get them posted soon. :0) 

  2. zeddy138 says:

    ive seen some really nice apartments and some horrors on here. any advice on getting a clean decent place at a fair rate would be most welcome. cheers, ill have a guinness for you, larry

  3. ritalam2007 says:

    Hiya. I’m from Hong Kong and am living in England now. Your videos are good. I must say that it’s a pity that there are so many scammers in China nowadays. People’s integrity in Mainland China was much better 20+ years ago. What is/are to be blamed.

  4. MrSheep2 says:

    Excellent! I can’t wait to see your new series! Thanks for all your video work so far. I enjoyed the all.

  5. MrSheep2 says:

    Yes…I fully agree! My wife’s hometown is Guilin City. Which means I will soon be buying a house, car, learning how to speak the language, and acquiring other needing basic survival skills for getting on in China. I too am looking forward to your new series! Fact is, all the “China…” videos you’ve made so far have been a wealth of valuable information. Much Thanks.

  6. thatBAMkid says:

    how long did it take for you to learn chinese ? also is it hard to learn? I have heard mixed responses from people. Thanks in advance

  7. MsLaurafoote says:

    They are completely different so its hard to compare. It depends on your personal preferences

  8. Bonde1994 says:

    How good place is Guangzhou compared to european towns?

  9. MsLaurafoote says:

    that’s horrible, and of course not!

  10. eastasiapower says:

    really? don’t you think China is shithole?

  11. ashleydickfisher says:

    stumbled across your you tube channel via a motorcycle link , got to say loving your videos .

  12. eastasiapower says:

    China is totally fucked up by the communist party.

  13. dengjiayi says:

    burning paper iPhone4 hahaha

  14. ssklgaming18 says:

    cant wait for this new series i am looking forward to it. thank you for sharing what its like in china its a very interesting country.

  15. jollyjole2003 says:

    Sounds Awesome! I have been wondering what is your story for a long time!

  16. benzenelol says:

    Looking forward to your story!

  17. arccster says:

    Looking forward for more videos!

  18. MsLaurafoote says:

    Guangzhou made me fall in love with China!

  19. drummerboy1632 says:

    Sounds like this series is going to be a good one! Cant wait.

  20. 2CabrasLocas says:

    Sounds VERY interesting. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  21. 67kneil says:

    great vid bro like the cowboy said my kinda place


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