Shenzhen, China (Lo Wu to Hong Kong border) – Shenzhen Video

Shenzhen, China (Lo Wu to Hong Kong border)

Shenzhen is now becoming a mirror of Hong Kong in many ways and growing much, much faster. Discover WHY people are so attracted to Shenzhen.
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20 Responses to “Shenzhen, China (Lo Wu to Hong Kong border) – Shenzhen Video”

  1. rianpop says:

    this is like detriot, except with people and money

  2. MingTheMerciful says:

    well, if they ever want to come, speak CANTONESE !!!! DON’T COME TO MY COUNTRY SPEAKING MANDARIN !!!!!!! We cannot support 1 billion people on our tiny island !!!!

  3. 1288881 says:

    ive been to my bus depot wtch my vid and the washrooms are soo dirty memoriess

  4. bicround2006 says:

    What I loved about visiting Shenzhen on my last trip to Hong Kong was buying all of the aftermarket watches and sunglasses:)

  5. Phead128 says:

    Shenzhen sprung up best of HK investment….

  6. skaterlife12 says:

    The reason why so many Chinese people want to live in hong kong is because life is so much better there compared to mainland china.

  7. vinashit says:

    yeah, when someone catches your daughter or wife and sell them to a prostituion business….you will know and be known what is called “free economy”….!!!!!

  8. kitessurfer says:

    Yeah, fab place. Back in late 90s I had multiple business visa from HK to China, so on the weekend I used this to get myself into SZ, I took the tourist bus to the ‘mirror of the world’ attraction and back again. Spent the day in the shopping centres and soaking up the China pop music and atmosphere that SZ is!! Highly recommended!

  9. 91047649 says:

    ummmmmmmm.Thanks for reminding me this place. I’ve been there last year and I stayed at the back of shangrila hotel. I love this city and its very memorable to me.

  10. sspe26 says:

    ask HK people first little Hitler.

  11. LeThoem says:

    no, good for HK people.

  12. seafury says:

    Not to mention British control… they had an entire empire to prop up Hong Kong.

  13. sspe26 says:

    well, bad for HK people.

  14. seafury says:

    Yup, it’s quickly becoming more ‘Chinese’ or ethnic since the handover. Neither good nor bad, just the way it is.

  15. seafury says:

    just got back from guangzhou, went through shenzhen… the drivers are crazy!

  16. Joseph De Vito says:

    AZAOAZA: I love Shenzhen too. Passed by there nine times.

  17. protocl says:

    shenzhen is still a communitstic part of china, hong kong is not. thus, sz could never be able to mirror hk. hk is a metality, not only a city.

    for shenzhen to be able to be anything like hk, its citizens must drop some of its useless traditions and embrace western ways, thinking and style….

  18. europhile1 says:

    HongKongAttractions, pinoy ka pala? Ako din nakapunta na ng Shenzhen… nag-sidetrip lang kami mula sa Hong Kong… Oo nga, maganda na din ang Shenzhen, parang hindi sya isang siyudad sa China… saka mura pa ang shopping! Hehehe lalo na yung malapit sa Lo Wu/Luo Hu Border ng HK at Shenzhen… hehe

  19. onegoodman66 says:

    considering the short history of Shenzhen, I value Shenzhen more than Hong Kong. If China was not closed itself up from 50s to 70s, Hong Kong would have never got a chance to become the pearl of the east…

  20. sspe26 says:

    Hard to compare to HK. HK is just great (though lately is losing that cosmopolitan feeling…), and Shenzhen… hm – so so


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