Walking through the Smartphone market in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video

Traveling shot through a part of the huge smartphones and tablet markets at the Huaqiangbei consumer electronics market street in Shenzhen China. These are parts of my favorite areas that I have yet found on the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei electronics market street.

12 Responses to “Walking through the Smartphone market in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Charbax says:

    You can buy just one.

  2. k3tvonline says:

    Hi! If you go there, can you buy only one device or do you have to buy more?

  3. wluis7 says:

    Hi Charbax  i was wondering if you can do a video on Samsung LCD Digitizer, iPhone 4,4s and 5 Digitizer assembly and there price.

  4. Martijn Bakker says:

    Wow, very nice video! I would love to spend some time there 🙂

  5. Wekkel Ekkel says:

    Very interesting to see the actual street life in Shenzhen.

  6. Raymond Day says:

    Very nice video. Thank you. When you were in the place I said I hope he goes out to see what it looks like out side and you did. So neat to see how about 1/2 way around the earth looks over there.

    -Raymond Day

  7. Sahib singh says:

    is it worth to buy products for here and sell in thailand … ??
    i mean will it work?

  8. Mnemoc2 says:

    when are you getting a Google Glass device? would love to see more of these.

    (youtube on chrome for linux sucks these days)

  9. Owen Oliver says:

    So the money they use is chinese yuan but thats so cheap that galaxy s3 comes out at like £98

  10. Vadik Golovin says:

    If I was you I would use Android Google Translate conversation mode to talk with them in Chinese. Just put it on maximum volume and bring it close to person’s ear.

  11. limacom says:

    This video is amazing!

  12. PeekyBooo says:

    They don’t seem to have many people buying. I understand it’s night time and maybe they do online sales too to support their kiosk


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