Shenzhen Computer Market Walk Through – Huaqiangbei District – Shenzhen Video

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Computer Market One of the worlds most notorious computer markets is in Shenzhen China as it’s the main point of production as well as ditribution of electronics into Mainland China. We take a closer look at the shady stalls around Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen’s biggest mobile phone market. A short train ride north of Hong Kong is Shenzhen home of all the KIRFs you’ve ever wanted! We decide to explore the computer market district to see what we could find. You’ll likely be a little shocked at some of the seedy battery swapping we uncovered, regardless gives you a better idea of what made in China really means.

13 Responses to “Shenzhen Computer Market Walk Through – Huaqiangbei District – Shenzhen Video”

  1. SuperWinning2012 says:

    just pisses me off, youtube money isn’t enough huh ?

  2. sexicantravioso1 says:

    this chick turns me on

  3. minipcpro says:

    so what?

  4. flown11234 says:

    Very interesting video. You never get to see the industry behind fake technologie.

  5. jahanzeb360 says:

    awesome video!!

  6. minipcpro says:

    You can get something like that with an aluminum case for around $55 but there are a few plastic ones in the $35 range. The display sucks…but that’s the component that keeps the prices high.

  7. themrjones says:

    We love seeing the site, thank you

  8. Unan1mouz says:

    OMG Nicole this is amazing that you guys make videos like this! I’ve always been wondering how’s the Chinese computer market are & it clearly seems AH.MA.ZING… What’s the cheapest price for Android tablet that you saw there? I mean of good specs like at least 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM & capacitive touchscreen.. Hehe

  9. DerZip says:

    Es wird Zeit, dass wir unsere Produkte wieder bei uns herstellen 😀

  10. Jagga Singh says:

    great .

  11. SchlumpfiHB says:

    Better late than never 😉 Seriously, I really like your videos where you show these places 🙂

  12. minipcpro says:

    Angry birds speakers for my nieces and nephews, cases for a bunch of different handsets and the most shocking of all battery packs for my video cam! lol

  13. minipcpro says:

    I was last december, we were saving it for when we launched on Revision 3…I didn’t think I’d get a new hair cut in the mean time 😛


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