Goolge copy phones at the Shenzhen Electronics Market – Shenzhen Video

This is what the secret new Android Ice Cream Sandwich might look like, or not.

8 Responses to “Goolge copy phones at the Shenzhen Electronics Market – Shenzhen Video”

  1. Mrcreamy1 says:

    Weak and buggy

  2. UncleMiyn says:

    Coolge FTW

  3. AuntyM66 says:

    I love these Chinese clone phones.

  4. azngabeproductions says:


  5. arg3ntum says:

    bwahhaha, Goolge…hic

  6. HansTheGeek says:

    This one has 3D :D

  7. helmik123 says:

    Looks like an earlier model Samsung feature phone runnig Android OS. What a Coolge looking phone :-)

  8. alivestone says:



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