Yoochun 908 Shenzhen FM – Yoochun wave to audience 박유천 ユチョン – Shenzhen Video

2012.09.08 Shenzhen Fan Meeting He didn’t throw the signed balls at the ending part this time, (last time people at the back rushed to the front) instead he waved and bowed to audience

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  1. fangboss1975 says:

    I love him yoyo He came to Thailand on 160912. He so lovlyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  2. ychun jyj says:

    To One1Nee, totally same feeling as you. when think about what those 3 boys ha gone through, I give stronger love&support to them. Hope JYJ fans love 3 ofthem and support 3 of them forever !

  3. gigikusakit says:

    Chunieeee so cute ah~!

  4. One1Nee says:

    i really love Chajatta. Maybe because for me Chajatta have lots of meaning. first it was ost for Chun’s first drama, second it was also the song that was the first and the last so far, in which we can see all JYJ members together in a event that broadcasted in TV and held by TV station. Third, it was form a drama in which Chun got his first award in acting world. and lastly, when he got it, JYJ members were there with him =) i really think Chajatta should be JYJ’s theme song =)

  5. msmarat001 says:



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