Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler’s Show at SZTV Generation Show in Shenzhen (China) – Shenzhen Video

If you are interested in Florian ‘VENOM’ Kohler for commercial or film work as well as live appearances and/or exhibitions or anything else please contact The Insiders: contact@TheInsidersLV.com or (702) 541 2239 You can also order Venom’s high quality DVD at: www.runoutmedia.com or www.venomtrickshots.com

9 Responses to “Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler’s Show at SZTV Generation Show in Shenzhen (China) – Shenzhen Video”

  1. anes1407 says:

    I thought the name’s Florian. The host/announcer called you Florain.

  2. 果 陈 says:


  3. Prayingmantis72 says:

    youre famous dude!

  4. Juste1BiaisBeurre says:

    Putain ils crient vraiment comme une armée de chouettes, c’est insupportable à écouter.. Sinon, ben que dire à part : “Quel talent !”

  5. chaoarecool says:

    venomtrickshots where did you get your name form?

  6. joelcv18 says:

    Florian should go on europes got talent or come to the U.S. and go on America’s got talent. You have soo many tricks you could have gone through the whole competition and still have trick shots you never used. Keep it up FK you’re my inspiration.

  7. Apezz19 says:

    Can i just call u up for a game..i just want to play a 1hoir game of normal pool with u..with a bottle of beer..please..

  8. Florian Kohler says:

    t’es serieux la?

  9. Michael Keen says:

    Rediculous just how big you’ve gotten, haha.


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