Window of the World – Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video

Window of the World theme park is one the main tourist attractions in Shenzhen. It is possible to spend the whole day looking around the park. By David Goorney

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  1. arriviste2020 says:

    It’s a great place for meeting girls, and so are the near by hotels. Can’t go wrong.

  2. よしかず 木村 says:

    so this is the ccp china

  3. Kevin Essone says:



    I loved that place!

  5. Frenly Wijaya says:

    had been there last month, great please, amazing

  6. Hariangga Indrajatmiko says:

    wow beautiful 🙂

  7. futebolarte3 says:

    i love it!

  8. zuzanarox says:

    mating elephants? – LOL

  9. Goorney says:

    Its actually quite a fun idea. 

  10. Goorney says:

    Cheers, thank you for the comment.

  11. LeeClaxton says:

    Wow, brilliant video. The best Window of the World video on YouTube.

  12. junhc83 says:

    and this is a very small copy of the world 😉

  13. Goorney says:

    Yes this “Window of the World” Theme park is in a city called Shenzhen which is in the south of the country next to Hong Kong.

  14. Ruidong Nie says:

    this is the original one, the beijing one is just a small copy

  15. kamiaussie says:

    is in Beijing

  16. Kummituslinna says:

    I just went there too (2011).. It was ok, but they should really take better care of it.

  17. GeorgeAndJenny says:

    oh dam i miss this park haha i went this summer its an amazing experience. specially when i got lost at night with my gf in the dino section HAHA but it was fun xD cant wait to see it again

  18. Morel Avraham says:

    Wow !!this the most betiful park in thw world

  19. Amirah HJ says:

    I’ve been there last year XD
    i wish to come here again lol

  20. nadoeloiskat says:



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