Shenzhen ACT 4.8″ capacitive Marvel PXA935 clamshell Android – Shenzhen Video

Dual SIM Card, Android 2.2 compatible, based on the Marvell PXA935 processor, with a nice 4.8″ capacitive screen, removable battery. It’s to be sold for about 0 (probably in bulk).
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  1. sinephase says:

    – UMPC or clamshell would be general descriptions though clamshell is more specific. The problem is a laptop is a clamshell design as well but its generally not referred to as anything but a laptop or notebook.

  2. Tha1DJPLex says:

    UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC or something

  3. Pati3ntSoul says:

    Looks amazing!! But what are devices like this called? Its not a Pad, and not Phone… Something like “Phone-Book”? Please respond

  4. jayshot0421 says:

    where could i buy it ?

  5. OpenX2 says:

    Yuhua is the real manufacturer of this device, the product is called FY01

  6. OpenX2 says:

    Reviewed on AndroidSpin forum, search for Storm1

  7. Nugroho Widi says:

    where to buy it?

  8. GelberFisch8 says:

    I really like this device
    And I just LOVE the concept!!

  9. 89hotshot says:

    are u planning to distribute this?

  10. luisM316 says:

    that looks cool

  11. EtlamRetep says:

    Great that you always look for the hidden cashes of Shenzhen. This one is really interesting, even though it´s a little huge for the average pocket…

    Wikipedia claims that it´s a Sheeva Core chip: “supports the ARMv5TE, ARMv6 and ARMv7 instructionsets”. Sounds promising.

  12. monstercameron says:

    isnt that some sharp!?!?!?


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