Fantastic Fujian Adventure Finale – Back to Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video

We head back to Shenzhen, me on my new CB400 😉 park on marble floors.. drink beer and well wrap up one of the best China Bike Trip Adventures yet
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Fantastic Fujian Adventure Finale – Back to Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video”

  1. feilongliu says:

    he traded hes old bike for a new 1?

  2. Joshua Sutake says:

    Wonderful China footage you bring us 🙂 Always stay safe. You don’t like honks? Try visiting Philippines you’ll get headaches right away haha day or night

  3. floydsgarage says:

    Now that’s customer satisfaction… parking in the hotel, lol

  4. Jeremy Proctor says:

    that is terrible is there any reason why they don’t allow bikes or just them being arseholes ?

  5. jollyjole2003 says:

    Cant wait for the next adventure!!!
    Keep up the good work and all play!

  6. serpentza says:

    Bikes are banned in Shenzhen, so even if it is legal, if you try to ride your bike into Shenzhen the cops will confiscate it and you’ll probably never get it back 😛

  7. Jeremy Proctor says:

    why would the cops take your bikes ? arnt they legal

  8. MobileIntent says:

    Glad to see you back, I was starting to worry hehe. Greetings from the UK, keep up the great vlogs.

  9. serpentza says:

    😉 Super Four.. best all round bike ever

  10. serpentza says:

    … Never been to Aus

  11. serpentza says:

    😉 not sure yet…

  12. serpentza says:

    well here it hovers somewhere around 7 RMB a litre

  13. serpentza says:

    Tsingdao isn’t bad… but it’s easy to get sick of drinking it

  14. serpentza says:

    yeah… plenty of dodgy bits found 😉 it is a 96 model after all.. and had countless owners 😛

  15. steadiworkz says:

     superfour mmmmm :O)

  16. Shi Rou says:

    We love your videos. You get talent for this, man. I leaved in Shenzhen for like 3 years, but you know much more than me. You are a city expert.

  17. MrLosun says:

    what’s your next destination? Hunan? 

  18. warezvz says:

    how much is gas in china?
    i know in taiwan its like 2.25 bucks per galon

  19. nbaalltheway says:

    what you think of Qingdao beer

  20. zx8401ztv says:

    The view from that bridge was smashing, beautifull blue skys 🙂

    As far as the local driving nutters are concerned, i was going to say if they took the test in the u.k then less of the nutters would be on the road but the uk can be mad at times as well.
    I assume they do take a test, hmm, free in a packet of corn flakes lol.

    Back home now for a bike jetwash and a check round for dodgy bits 🙂

  21. serpentza says:

    Yeah… sorry about that, just been busy and a little bit slack 🙂

  22. serpentza says:

    Excellent.. and yeah it does use up petrol pretty quick… but then again it goes pretty quick so it balances out 🙂

  23. serpentza says:

    Yeah.. I’ve been a bit slack lately 🙂


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