Shenzhen 360º: Bee+ Coworking Space (Madventure Camera Test) – Shenzhen Video

published: 2017-12-13 00:05:28

*Sorry for the audio noise and sync problems- I have told the Madventure company and they plan to fix it.
*Turn on English subtitles- the “CC” button under the video*
Select “2160s HD” under Quality (the little gear icon) and click on the video to move it and look around.
You can buy the Madventure 360º Camera here:
You can find out more about Bee+ here:
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  1. Are you using a gymbal to stabilize your camera? I just got one and it made my last video look way better. What 3d printing projects are you working on?

  2. Awesome video, thanks for taking the time to record, edit and share

  3. nice to see places like that and always nice to see you to x Naomi x

  4. Nice walk thru, is this off hours and does it get crowded? Seems like a good facility for contractors working remote. Must beat a coffee shop IMO. Other than the sync, camera looks interesting too.

  5. She's not wearing hot clothes.. ????????

  6. The guy was speaking in cantonese.

  7. 10:37 guy checks out your bum Naomi hahaha ?, classic. But great video, we have these supermarket here in the Netherlands too, infact, in the 1960s we had the world's first staff less automated supermarket in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    It didn't catch on back then,…it was too ealy for the concept i guess, but it was/is a Dutch⬅Holland/the Netherlands concept. (Not to confuse with Deutsch, those are the Germans;)

    Anyway, thumb's up ?.

  8. você é muito linda maravilhosa e muito gostoza primseza .

  9. Is that the same camera as Xiaomi Sphere?

  10. 1. That crop top looks amazing on you.
    2. I think I'm dizzy moving around just trying to stay focused on you !

  11. That beat by far the automated restaurent you went at night fews weeks ago.


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