Hello Shenzhen – Episode Five: Saturday night in Futian – Shenzhen Video

published: 2018-02-11 18:36:50

The fifth episode of my hello Shenzhen series is here!

In this video, I take you out on a typical Saturday night in Futian, Shenzhen.

We went to bar street and went into some of the clubs there. We also visited a really cool bar called Foam Heaven!

Hope you enjoy this one and keep looking out for the next vids.


As I said in the video I am about to go travelling around China for 2 and a half weeks with my mate Malte.

We’re leaving for Shanghai tomorrow, and spending a week there. After Shanghai, we will fly to Xian and stay there for four days. Then we will go to Beijing (via bullet train) and spend another week there!

I can’t wait to post so many videos daily about what I get up to in the different places we visit as there will be so much cool stuff to do!

Be sure to keep a lookout for the new content!


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  1. Northern China is pretty cold, take care!

  2. Hahah It is so interesting to see our city from your view, keep it up!


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