Shenzhen Fake Market Spree! – Shenzhen Video

published: 2018-05-05 10:20:31

Today we are back again at the Shenzen Fake Market for another shopping spree! As part of the market Culture the bargaining is just crazy and an experience in itself. We will look at fake shoes, bags and backbacks.

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  1. Been waiting for the latest vids.. hahah been checking every day… Keep it up bro!??

  2. Hey Guys, sorry have been gone for a few days ( no uploads ). Have been working on a bigger project that will be soon online on this channel! For now, we are back on track with the travel vlogs. This time we head out to the huge imitation market in Shenzen, China. Not really looking for anything specific ( besides of Luggage because the previous broke) but rather just there to experience the crazy Chinese bargaining culture! Was a fun time

  3. Thanks 🙂 I always enjoy watching your videos.

  4. The shoes are lil expensive I suggest you’d better go to Mongkok Hongkong the shoes there are orig and in low price don’t need bargain

  5. $$$$$$ The BEST huggler in the world ? Dany #gotaworldtosee ??? $$$$$$$$$ . Good job Dany !!!

  6. Those fake markets are falling. Though I don't buy those fake products, as far as I know, the easiest way to buy fake shoes clothes or stuff like is to buy through Taobao which is the biggest e-economy platform in China. You don't have to bargain on Taobao.

  7. HEEYY missed ur vlogs! was wondering every day 😀

  8. That was indeed a great bargain for a nice looking luggage. China is the master of 'fakery', so it would be quite an experience to shop til you drop in Shenzhen where you could get 'branded items' in ridiculously low price.:-) Shenzhen looks just like Hong Kong. A dense concrete jungle of very tall skyscrapers.

  9. Judith needs to speak up more! ?


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