Getting a tailor made suit in Shenzhen – Shenzhen Video

How and where do I get my suits made? Come along and find out… Join me on Facebook: Let’s not forget Google Plus: ht…
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  1. Follow Winston to get a nice tailored suit…

  2. Great walkabout it’s a delight to follow you around i love asia.

  3. I was soooo impressed with your bargaining skills when we were there! I
    wished I had video’d that!!! 

  4. Stay Awesome, stay successful, stay healthy. See you next trip hopefully. 

  5. In Shanghai we have the fabric market. There are hundreds of shops where
    they can make suits, so the competition is very high. A decend quality
    3-piece tailor-made suit is around 800RMB

  6. Congrats on the hitting the 25k mark! Was this video filmed in the same
    place that had the knock-off electronics?

  7. This is a youtube who actually talks to his subscribers. Congrats on your
    25K plus serpentza

  8. · Edit

    Limpet Touts

    lol that’s funny.

  9. the main reason I like your vids, you take the viewer on your journeys !!

  10. I got an alert you uploaded a new video. I guess I’m on your alert list,
    now? I’m fine with that. You’re amazing, serpentza.

  11. Headed to China myself in a month. The info on suits and such was good,
    but getting a view of the Metro process there definitely set my mind at
    ease. Was worried it’d be impossible to navigate without being able to
    read Chinese.

  12. Wow $150 for a suit and shirt aint too bad. They seem to be good quality
    too. We have a place in Dallas like this but not fully tailored.

  13. i love u man, thanks for existing xD


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