Airbus A320 Takeoff from Shenzhen China – Shenzhen Video

This video was shot by an observer on a flight departing from runway 15 in Shenzhen, China. The camera was operated at eye-level so the observer could see ou…

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  1. Great video I dream to be a airline pilot

  2. Why do the Elevators trim down on takeoff?

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    Didn’t you try piano play? So beautiful fingers to look at..

  4. Hi Capt. Any chances for European low hours pilots to get a job in China?
    Not type rated but able to pay for it…..

  5. Excellent video Sir. May I have a question? What’s that “buzzing” noise at
    high power operation of engines? Is that kind of a special system or just
    vibration coming from the engines?

  6. Hi Eric i was wondering how do you configure open climb and what buttons to
    you press

  7. To be honest, it is more fun to fly than you could imagine. What keeps you
    from pursuing your dreams?

  8. Hi Eric! I’ve got to say I’m really amazed at how relaxed you sound during
    the take-off roll.(Not that it’s a bad thing) I’m guessing you really do
    enjoy every single flight duty yea? And… Is there any advice on how to
    ace pilot interviews? Budding pilot hopeful over here. Cheers!

  9. btw, can I add you on the facebook?

  10. is this dragonair?

  11. The “buzzing” sound is normal with turbofan engines. Essentially the engine
    is a gigantic fan. When this fan spins at high rpm while the airplane is
    stationary or moving at low speed, the airflow across each fan blade is
    such that it can reach the speed of sound, resulting in a small sonic boom.
    With dozens of fan blades on the engine, dozens of small sonic booms occur
    simultaneously, resulting in the buzzing noise associated with takeoff. The
    buzz diminishes as the airplane’s speed increases.

  12. Thanks. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  13. Hi. The captain (me) is 42. The first officer is your standard Chinese
    first officer – 25 years old.

  14. Hi, Eric, could you tell me what is an open climb? is it a type of climb
    mode? thx

  15. An open climb is one of the three primary vertical control modes used with
    the A320. In an open climb, the airplane’s auto flight and control system
    sets climb thrust on the engines while continuously raising or lowering the
    nose of the airplane, as needed, to maintain a target speed that is set by
    the pilot. If too fast, the nose is raised. If too slow, the nose is
    lowered. Open climb is normally used when flying a heading or when making
    an unrestricted climb.

  16. Hi,Eric, thanks for your explanation. It sounds interesting. I wish I was a
    pilot flying a Airbus 🙂

  17. awesome! How old are the crew? Captain and co looks fairly young!

  18. I wear glasses. I am also near-sighted (short-sighted). The airlines employ
    both male and female pilots.

  19. another question for the captain, how tough are the chinese medical exams?
    i have family in china she said chinese aviation medical exams are very
    strict. i’m sure when you were hired you had to go through their medical.
    does their medical exam compare exactly to faa class 1 medical?

  20. Thank you for the wide range of explanation, Sir. I wish you, the best of
    luck and many many safe flight hours in the rest of your career 🙂

  21. Amazing video sir! great!

  22. no, this is a shenzhen airlines flight

  23. thanks for your encouragement 🙂 I’m looking forward to you sharing more
    vedios here. Have a nice day:)

  24. Hi Kevin. I am glad that you like the video. In order to ace a pilot
    interview, you need to know what is important to the company that you are
    interviewing for. In China, the companies are only interested in your
    health condition, your technical knowledge, and your flying skills. In
    other places – like Hong Kong and the USA, companies place a large emphasis
    on the pilot’s skills as a leader and an effective manager of people and
    the airplane.

  25. Barger! This is So Cool! This is Dan Paz (not sure what my YouTube handle
    is). My nephew and I are both unapologetic airline watchers, We watched
    your videos several times today and can’t get over how counterintuitive the
    side stick seems to me. I would need a yoke to hold onto! I think it looks
    kind of funny how Airbuses just have nothing (or perhaps a foldout laptop).
    Was it hard getting used to the side stick? I mean, nothing like jumping in
    a car and the steeling wheel is gone!


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