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published: 2019-02-07 01:12:10

#JaneZhang #张靓颖 sings《Dream It Possible/我的夢》at 70 meters high. 2019.02.06 Shenzhen Spring Festival Gala [making of]

Source: Shenzhen Satellite TV Official Weibo Profile @深圳卫视

“Dolphin princess” Jane Zhang recently issued a thank you statement on Weibo, thanking fans for encouraging her on the TV set. Fans not only congratulated Jane, but also cried out, “Don’t you know you’re afraid of heights ?!” and “The dear flying dolphin finally landed safely”.

Jane Zhang was invited to be the guest of the Shenzhen Spring Festival Gala in order to realize the most important performance ever performed for the audience: she challenging herself overcame her fear of heights and she sungs at 70 meters high.

At the scene, she was always in close contact to the medical team and production team in order to relieve psychological pressure. Even if she couldn’t hold back her tears due to nervousness, after several attempts, she still had the courage to challenge herself and climbed high into the sky to complete a wonderful performance for which even the male acrobats who were used to performing in the air were worried.

Between heaven and earth, among light and shadow, Jane roses to 70 meters along the glass wall of the skyscraper and started to sing “Dream It Possible” suspended in the air. The acrobates collaborated to make the beautiful images of flight making so shining the night’s sky.

The performance wasn’t only the first challenge of this kind for Jane, but also a big test for the show’s creators: the first attempt in China of singing at a height of 70 meters, the shooting video, the radio connections, the linkage with 43 buildings were all challenges to face but, more important than anything, to do a good job in security.

Starting with the executive phase of this project, the staff has received more of 60 telephone calls per day to handle the coordination among a multi-team staff.

The production realized that, as one of the cities with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world, Shenzhen was the most suitable location for this show.

In order to show the modernity of the metropolis, the team has checked 43 buildings. And they invited the team of Beijing Wire Cultural Transmission Co., LTD (北京威亚传迈文化传播有限公司), aka Weya Chuan Mai Company http://www.weiya2008.cn/index.aspx , to give a technical support. This team has rich experience in hosting performances and has participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games.

After the field investigation and screening they evaluated the roofs structure of the skyscrapers that were suitable for supporting and anchoring the technical equipment for lifting the performers. Then the team finally chose the “Hong Kong China Travel Service” (港中旅) as the main building for this performance.

In order to ensure the perfect representation of the show and the personal safety of Jane Zhang and the acrobates, the production team of Shenzhen Spring Festival Gala also put a lot of efforts and took many safety measures. Zhang Wei 张峥, executive director of Shenzhen Satellite TV, personally tested the stability and safety factors to ensure the performers’ 100% safety.

In order to show the “modern” feeling of Shenzhen, the production team had the idea of letting Jane Zhang sing in the sky. This real live singing performance at an altitude of 70 meters can be said to be the first of its kind in China.

Chen Lei 陈磊, executive director of the Spring Festival Gala, said that in order to show the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen, the choosed singer should have had more bravery than others, and people should have perceived the soul of the artist. So Jane Zhang was the perfect choice for this “heroine”.

The reasons for the choise Deam It Possible is ’cause it’s a song that hits the soul of the public. It isn’t only a look back at Jane Zhang’s dreams experience, but also the brand theme-song of Huawei, the big enterprise that’s located just in Shenzhen and that represents the voice of this city in the world.

It can be said that Jane Zhang high-altitude performance of “Dream It Possible” not only shows the inner courage of people pursuing their dreams, but also conveys the spiritual power of Shenzhen, the city nearest to the future.

Shenzhen is a big stage and has the courage to pursue dreams, and this is also the big idea that the 2019 Shenzhen Spring Festival Gala wanted to convey to the audience.

“With the combination of lights, sounds and high-altitude singing and dancing show, we can let our dreams fly high. This new shape of performance also shows that Shenzhen welcomes more dreamers to join us.”

The show was aired on Shenzhen Satellite TV at 21:00 on February 6 and simultaneously on CCTV 3.

Jane Zhang Italia Official Website https://www.janezhang.it


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