Zest vs. TaeJa – PvT – Quarterfinals – IEM Shenzhen – StarCraft 2 – Shenzhen Video

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  1. Pro level TvP has to be the most boring matchup currently, especially if
    both players refrain from early game aggression. neother side can attack
    the other without losing more than defender. SUCH DESIGN!

  2. · Edit

    Fuck David Kim. SC2 may be “generally balanced” but still it’s unfair as
    hell. Terran is the ONLY race that can recover from a catastrophic event
    (opponent reaching your expo and doing damage at mineral line) due to
    MULES, static defense and units that don’t die. Terran is the only race
    that can force a draw and Terran is the only race that you can win even
    when you are behind, simply by doing a SCV all in. Terran players whine
    about balance, but there are the usual exploits on early,mid and end game,
    due to the fact that the retarded balance tester after 4 years still allow
    MMM to be so dominant. His name: David “Imbecile” Kim. Fuck him.

  3. stim = OP xD

  4. Can you guys put the races in the title or description?

  5. Nice play Taeja O,o

  6. When you behind, dark shrine. When too behind, Taeja style.

  7. His favourite word is maybe… xD

  8. I play toss, but there is no bias here when I say taeja played one of the
    best games I’ve seen in such a long time. Every time I thought he was dead.
    Every game. And then he just turns it around. Not because of mules, as some
    might say. Amazing micro amazing decision making.

    That being said, zest definitely had a few lapse of judgements. Man… That
    stalker commitment in taeja’a main base… Should’ve just ran out and lose
    a lot of stalkers. Stalkers are terrible at killings cvs. Absolutely

  9. A hard fought TvP win at a high-level always looks like the terran needs 3
    times the skill. The protoss needs to manage a single death ball, while
    having strong defensive units and warp ins; the terran needs to manage
    multiple simultaneous drops, a weaker defense, and a main army that needs a
    huge amount of micro to stay alive.

  10. The over-excited british guy is unbearable to listen to. Calm the f down
    and stop over-pronouncing your words.

  11. Micro is OP. They should really do something to nerf it. 

  12. to be fair, zest kinda threw that 2nd game, but the rest was just beautiful
    play by taeja

  13. What a great player and what a talent humble player. You kick ass Taeja!

  14. wp taeja, to bad zest played his c game, really bungling important stuff.
    2nd game in particular, did he right click move his army in his main by
    accident or ?


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