Shenzhen, what to do? – Shekou – Shenzhen Video

You’re in Shenzhen and you don’t know what to do? Come with me and I’ll show you! What to do Facebook page: Tianjin (Jia…
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  1. Argh you guys are making it harder and harder for me to decide which city
    to live in when I move to China!!!

  2. These new videos seem to commericalized, bring back your old
    motorcycle/scooter and street food adventures!!

  3. 看见你的小情人了!

  4. Could you put other channels’ links in the description?

  5. Like the lounge music bruh ;)

  6. thumbs up just for the kids screaming at the heart signs! good to see kids
    just be kids.

  7. How the fuck can China still be classed as a communist country? It is
    probably the one of the most capitalist places on the face of the earth.

  8. 2:28 girl from one of the last vids. i remember that smile with the teeth

  9. I appreciate the sentiment, but this video feels more like a promotional
    video that you were paid to produce. I fell in love with the real, raw
    Serpentza videos.

  10. Loving the new series mate, yours and all the other guys involved’s videos
    look really professional now. Not that there was anything wrong with the
    quality in previous vids but these new ones are like TV documentary
    quality. Just awesome. One small criticism though – you haven’t put out a
    Conquering Southern China vid out in a while or any motorcycle themed vid
    for that matter and I think people miss those the most, me included!

  11. Looks like tourism advertising for the Shenzhen government.
    Not interesting at all sorry :(

  12. What happened to beer girl?

  13. FIRST!!!

  14. very nice image quality videos compared to old ones!!! :D

  15. that was awesome, buddy! really professional, and better than any coverage
    I have seen on China!

  16. haha, i saw the new beer girl, the motorbike model

  17. The more laid back approach of other videos is better. The constant music
    in the background makes this seem cheesy. 

  18. Ah man…I really need to stop making videos with my phone…Winston give
    me your camera!

  19. Wilson, please keep continue with what you do because you do it good and I
    really like your videos. BTW can you do Guangzhou, what to do? I am
    sometimes going to that place and would like to know more about it. It is
    quite close to Shenzhen.

  20. The quality of your videos have really improved. Loving it!

  21. China does need tourism since they have been hit by a recession – America
    is bad which makes everyone else bad especially China since everything is
    made there and nobody is buying a dam thing because they can barely afford
    to feed themselves – the cost of beef has increased by over 50% in 1 year
    and there is no end is sight – so China needs tourism


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