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Barber Shop is a speakeasy-style bar, hidden nearby the crossroads of Dongyuan Road and Shangbu South Road.The concept of Barber Shop originated from the “1920’s Prohibition Era” in New York. When prohibition made all establishments serving alcohol illegal but there were, nevertheless, hundreds of illicit bars in the Big Apple. 

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在福田上步南路,隐藏着一间speakeasy bar(隐藏式酒吧)名字叫做barbershop。它的设计灵感来源于美国旧时代的禁酒令法案时期地下隐蔽式酒吧风格。白天这里是型男的聚集地,发型师rio每天只接待八位预约客人,基本都是冲着美式油头风格慕名而来的。晚上八点后,进入隐藏式关卡的秘诀就在前厅发室的一辆机车上,幸运的话你将成功开启城中气氛最好的鸡尾酒吧大门,这里的鸡尾酒种类繁多,有经典款也有非常多的特调款,当然单一麦芽威士忌等时下最热的酒水也一应俱全。环视一周,美式气息浓厚的室内风格下,灯光氛围音乐都恰到好处地让你对cocktail bar有一个全新的沉醉式体验。设计师,极限运动选手,音乐人,潮牌衣物买手,纹身师等城中潮人都是这里的常见客人。

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