Guangzhou South – Shenzhen HighSpeed-Rail – Shenzhen Video

Getting from Hong Kong via Lok Ma Chau/ Fu Tian Port ( 福田) boundary crossing. Then Metro to Shenzhen North Station ( 深圳北) followed by new High Speed Rail to Guangzhou South station (廣州南站) . ( the new line opened 26 December 2011). If you want to see some stills go to this link: UPDATE: The high speed trains to and from Wuhan have now been extended through to Shenzhen North, eliminating the need to change trains at Guangzhou South.

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  1. You still don’t get it! This video is about TRAINS for those who interested and WANT to travel in TRAINS. Only “petrol-heads” insist on taking taxis on traffic-congested roads when you can ride in comfort on super new trains and subways.

  2. Taxi from Shenzhen North to Hong Kong Border is about 60RMB. Yes a metro lines runs also, thats only about 30km away, check the map. Cross the boarder to HK then change to HK taxi to city is about ~250HKD. Of course, you can also take the MTR.

  3. Yes. That’s what I said: The high speed rail ( “bullet” train” terminates at Shenzhen North station currently. From here you can now takes trains to Guangzhou South, Guangzhou North, Wuhan ( with intermediate stations)
    and LATEST ( beginning late December 2012) all the way to Beijing. ( about 8 hours ). You can get to Shenzhen North by Metro from the Fu Tian Port boundary station, which on the Hong Kong side is called Lok Ma Chau (accessible by Hong Kong’s metro which is called the MTR)

  4. You don’t what you’re talking about! There are several boundary crossing points between Hong Kong and the Mainland and you use the appropriate one for your various destinations. You talk of taking a taxi to the city. Which city? Shenzhen just across the boundary is a massive economic ZONE with several commercial centers. My video is, however, about getting to Guangzhou which is some 80 miles (plus) to the north. Taxis don’t even go there from Shenzhen.


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